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Playstation Network vs Xbox Live Comparison

Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Ps4 Games |

PlayStation and Xbox are two consoles that have been neck and neck since they first arrived. The both consoles offer a great user experience and each console has a bunch of exclusive titles. So, which one is better to own?

Well, the PS4 consoles are simply flying off the shelves since it hit the market, but there is a catch. PlayStation has a shaky network and online service. Everyone thought that their servers would be fixed by now because you have to have a membership on the PSN. The network is often down and not working in some areas of the world, which is disappointment for most users.

xboxlivevspsnThe PSN had some problems in the past too. The network outrage in 2011 was corrected in time with massive important updates. This major issue with the PSN created a window for XBOX that gained fame with their numerous innovations. The voice navigation was a really cool feature to be introduced, but when you underline the facts of both consoles, they are about the same. The real difference between these two networks has to be the price.

If you want to subscribe for an annual XBOX live account that offers pretty much the same options and content as the PSN, you need to pay $59.99. Three months will set you back for $24.99, and a single month costs $9.99. By paying this, you will get a ton of free games to pick and play each month, along with awesome game discounts and other available things on the market.

XBOX has a couple of exclusive games that every gamer needs to try. The prices might seem a little too high, but the fun you can have with the games, plus the fact that you can always try new ones makes it all worth it. So where does PSN stand?playstation tops xbox

The PlayStation network tops XBOX live without problems. It offers the same possibilities and players get over 250 games to choose from. That is not all, the PSN offers other entertaining options like music and movie services. The Playstation view is probably better than most cable packages available right now. The PlayStation Plus is probably the best service of the network. With this service, you will get tons of great games for free. You can also get free playstation gift code generator.

The monthly subscription for the PSN costs $9.99, the same as XBOX live, but pay an annual membership is only $49.99. PSN basically offers the same features as XBOX live, but it also includes tons of other features and the prices of their services are lower.

Now, when we looked over both consoles and the services they provide, it is easy to realize that the Playstation network is better. It isn’t because it is cheaper, it’s because the service it offers is much better. Plays get free exclusive games and the PSN contains all the features of XBOX live. The Playstation network offers the best possible online console experience right now.

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