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My Instagram Tips

Posted by on May 10, 2015 in Instagram |

I must admit, I am using Instagram for more than three years in my personal presentation, but also for very successful online business. At the beginning of my Instagram carrier, I made a lot of mistakes, very often learned from them until I figured it out what you should do know that to be as successful as you can be on Instagram. Therefore, I want to share my experience with you, openly share my thoughts, so you can benefit by getting  free instagram likes on one way or another.

I started my Instagram carier by shooting portraits. That is not so common for a beginner to start with such complex photography, and I made a lot of mistakes in my journey. In fact, most of the users are beginning with landscape photography or still images. I started with portraits with desire to create some wonderful reflections of different personalities and I may say that I succeed in that. The most important thing to create such successful photography is to pay special attention to light. You should find a very soft and tender light that can reflect the emotions that are present on the face of your model. If you are more about landscape photography, light and shadows are also the most crucial aspects of successful photography. Take your shots in the early morning, or at sunset when the light is very soft and ideal for making photographs. Another tip that I want to share with you is that you should take care about details. I made a lot off good and quality photos that was ruined with some small mistakes, so paying attention to details is very important.

For example, on how many images on Instagram you noticed a tree that is growing from the head, or birds that are flying in eye? Pay attention to such details and you will have a much better images in your portfolio. Third tip that I may give you is to learn and muster some photo editing software. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Adobe Photoshop or Gimp, or some other software, the most important thing is that you should learn how to edit your images.

You should learn everything about white balance, contrast, color correction etc. that will improve the quality of your images and give you the freedom to correct mistakes. You can learn to use photo editing software only by practice, so do not fear to make mistakes in this process. Those were my Instagram jjjtips, and I am hoping that they will help you to use the Instagram more efficiently.

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Make traveling photos for Instagram

Posted by on Mar 30, 2015 in Instagram |

Traveling photos are extremely popular on Instagram and if you are a traveller use your photos as a perfect material for Instagram marketing. There are many photographers on Instagram with thousands of followers and you can also get insta followers fast. We will share few tricks that will help you to make excellent traveling photos.

When you are traveling to some distant place in India for example, try to make images of local customs, persons, nature, monuments. Try to catch spirit of place and present it on your photos. You can discover many secret or mot so well known places that may increase attention of your followers. Be sure to add hashtags and geotags immediately to your photos because if you are traveling a lot it would be very hard to remember each place or name. Golden rule of making traveling photos is that you should always be prepared, in any moment to make a perfect shot. If you want to make a good photo try to avoid the usual images like monuments or landmarks. Search around and find something original and interesting something that will show the essence of that place. Some of the most beautiful images from a trip can be those made almost accidentally. Search around, not shot only usual objects.

You should plan to shot your objects during sunrise or sunset because your images will be much more better with perfect ratio of light and shadow. Think about how the light will interact with objects, trees, animals, buildings. Do not take images on the direct sun, because the shadows will be very sharp and deep. In outdoors try to catch a perfect landscape and search for unusual trees or eye-catching compositions. When you find ideal object focus on it. This can be very tricky and you may have a hard time to find right exposure. Try to shot in Auto Focus mode if you are not experienced enough. Also set Auto Exposure option on the default, so that your camera be ready for instant use. If you are experienced photographer you can easily adjust those settings according to your needs. Since the flash of the camera may not be usable enough to make a good image try to find a spot where you will have enough light.

If you are about to take a photo from a moving car, train or even plain here are few very important tricks that will save your day. If you take a picture out of the side of the fast moving vehicle, the result may be blurred. When you shoot out of the train or car, the closest objects will be blurred most. How to solve this problem? Increase your shutter speed, as you would do to freeze the movement of a fast moving subject. It’s best to set your camera to time or automatic aperture. The drawback is that this reduces depth of field, but when shooting from a moving vehicle, you usually are dealing with infinite distances.

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