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To emulate or not, that is the question

Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in Gaming |

Emulators are extremely popular nowadays turning your PC into a console. A videogame emulator is actually a software that turns your computer to act like some other piece of hardware. Using such programs or emulators allows players to run games from absolutely different systems without buying original console.

However, there is also a question of copyright issues and legitimately of using such software. It seems that emulators are legal to be used because of outdated copyrights. Emulators actually re-create some other system and act as original one. They can be used for playing games, but also they can be used to certain modifications or even translations. Very popular use of emulators nowadays, specially by farms is that they are creating new games for old consoles by using advanced emulator systems.All this emulator story started in 1997 when a company called Bloodlust Software released the first videogame emulator. It was a replica of the original Nintendo under the name NESticle. The software instantly became a hit and soon after that new emulators emerged like Genecyst. Nowadays you can download emulator or over the Net, and almost every console has its emulator. Nowadays it is completely possible to emulate Super Nintendo, Atari, Sega Genesis or almost any other console on your computer. Most emulators are actually created by specific system known as reverse engineering.


From legal rights it is absolutely safe to use emulators. From other side there is a certain controversy about using video games or or ROMs. They are protected under copyright laws. So, that is very interesting situation, it is perfectly legal to own a videogame emulator, but it is not legal to own any games for such emulator. Many emulator sites are posting a warning that it is legal to use emulator only for your own games, but such warnings are usually neglected by players. Nowadays, gaming companies are trying to stop spreading of emulations using legal ways, but without too many results. They are trying to put pressure on government to take down websites that are providing games/ROMS. Some of the manufacturers started to integrate emulators within actual console, like Nintendo Wii that has integrated emulator that’s allows users to buy and use many classic console games. Retro gaming or old-school gaming is a trendy phenomenon and you can find a lot of YouTube channels completely dedicated to retro gaming.


If you are such game a than it is mandatory to play on some good emulator. In order to play a game on emulate the you will need a ROM, that is a file extension for games made for consoles. More advanced consoles use different kind of files called ISO, like xbox 360 emulator files, Playstation 4 and the more recent consoles. Once again we are mentioning that using emulator is completely legal, but using games that you didn’t pay for is completely different issue, that is still in so called gray zone.Emulators are becoming more and more popular. In this short article we tried to present you a story that is hidden below the surface.