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Clash of Clans Top Secret guide

Posted by on Jun 20, 2015 in Gaming |

Hi! You are looking for hints, tips and tricks how to improve your Clash of Clans gameplay? Look no further! We will tell you top secret Clash of Clans tips that will push you to top tier players and boost your gameplay! Ok, so, let’s start!

When you are attacked by raid party you should get back as soon as possible because your defencess are down. Right? So take advantage of Revenge function so you can attack those who destroyed your base! Sweet taste of Revenge! Let them suffer! This option works very well because you can look at oponents base before you attack it! That is great1 So, observe, prepare your army and strategy and attack1 They will never again try to attack you after you destroy their pitifull base! Revenge rules! But it is not all1 Try to remember layout of the base, where is Town Hall, storages, or simply take screenshoot! Now you can lead raid and completely annihilate their base.

Ok, now let us spice this guide with a secret number two. It is sparkling, it is bright, it is lightening Spell! Yeah! You should master the usage of Lightening Spell in the game and you will be much more efficient. Lightening Spell is simply awesome! It can be used on many different ways. You can take defenses and Towers down or attack and destroy lighter units on the field. Lightening Spell is specifically efficient in taking down Mortar. So, if you do not use Lightening Spell in your strategy try to implement this useful Spell in your everyday practice and you will be surprised how effective it can be. Upgrade Lighting Spell as soon as you can and you will get deadly weapon! Level 4 Lighting Spell can easily take down Archer Towers, Cannons and Mortars.

Tip number three is super effective Town Hall protection. You can easily protect your Town Hall with traps! Traps and Hidden Tesla can protect your base if you know where to place them. You can lure units with your base design and then destroy them with bombs. You can leave your Town Hall alone, but surround it with traps! You will be surprised how effective that can be! Surely, your opponent will be surprised! Here is another Top Secret – clash of clans hack! Ok, rookie, now you should remember those super effective Clash of Clans strategies and go on battlefield to practice!