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Did you ever played with Valkyrie?

Posted by on May 23, 2015 in Gaming |

There certain types of units that are very common in Clash of Clans like Archers, Golems and Barbarians. From other side there are some units like Valkyrie that you can only see in some weird strategies! Is it so? Is this unit useful? Is there some hidden agenda behind Valkyrie? Can you use this unit efficiently with clash of clans cheats tool within the game? Let’s find out!

Let’s start with basic statistics. Valkyrie is expensive unit, we must admit. You will need to wait 15 min. to produce just one girl and that pleasure will cost you 8 units. Valkyrie are cost units, but…They are fast, their movement speed is 24 and they can target ground units with splash damage. They do not have any preferred target, they will attack anything that is within their range. The most important ability of Valkyrie is the speed. She’s much faster than barbarians with impressive 24 tiles against barbarian’s 16 tiles. She has huge health, but low damage. That is a problem! She’s the only melee unit that deals splash damage and that this a perfect for taking out Clan Castle units or for fast and effective destruction of Walls, as she can take out several walls with just one swing. The primary problem to using the Valkyrie is its huge training time and cost and upgrade cost for the Valkyrie is also very high There are certain strategies that you may apply and improve Valkyries in battles even they are not commonly used Farming or Trophy Pushing. You will need to combine them with other units and then Valkyries can be very useful! Enjoy and get money using Trusted Brokers List -

Deploy several Valkyries and let them take Walls and few Towers. Then deploy other units that will use created “hole” in the defense. Valkyrie can be great unit to deal with Clan Castle units, because she deals splash damage. Only problem is that she can target only ground units, so Dragons can be a huge problem.

From other side, Valkyrie is above all effective as Clan Castle unit. Only disadvantage of using Valkyries in the Clan Castle is the fact that Valkyries cannot target air units like Dragons. You can make adjustments by placing strong air based unit together with Valkyrie in clan Castle. A good combination is to use one Valkyrie and one Dragon.
This was our short article about Valkyrie in Clash of Clans. She is not super effective unit in the game, but you must admit, in some weird way she is hot!