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Bastion PS4 game review

Posted by on Apr 23, 2015 in Gaming |

There are many cataclysmic games nowadays, and here is the game in which you will need to create a safe place in very chaotic world. You will travel into the wild, searching for survivors and supplies, trying to stay alive and help others to survive the dangerous of this dangerous place. You will fight very strange beasts and forge customizable weapons and gain new powers from different parts. The entire gameplay is very dynamic, filled with real time action. Bastion is a proof that a small team of creative individuals can create excellent game with limited resources. If you’re looking for an action-RPG similar to Diablo,you may try psn code generator 2015 and enter the world of Bastion within a seconds.

It is original role play game placed in imaginative world where you must create last refuge for civilization. Bastion gives hyper-detailed 2D graphics packed within excellent story. There is a lot content to be discovered within the game and that create fully customizable experience that wi9ll keep you engaged during entire game. The story is quite interesting, while you were sleeping , the world comes to the end. Some rare survivors are trying to stay alive and organize themselves. You will play a character named The Kid, a survivor that is trying to make a better world. In your wanderings in this strange world you will encounter many different enemies and the combat will require your total alertness and understanding which target you should strike first.

There is always a danger of folding over the edge, that may result in losing some of your health. The survive, you will need to act quickly and rely on many different weapons that you will find along your journey. You can bring you weapons at the time and use one secret technique. You will on new compounds and weapons that may be useful in some specific situations. Weapons can be upgraded as well five levels of upgrade.

That gives a little bit of flexibility within the game and of freedom to make your own choices. You will gain experience and unlocked your levels, that will give you additional slots to equip different tonics that will improve your statistics and allow you to carry more items or increase attack rate. The Bastion is extremely nice game with hand painted scenes, vivid with. It is unique adventure that can challenge you in many ways. We recommend this game to any PS4 adventures.