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All about Clash of Clans Gems

Posted by on Apr 18, 2015 in Gaming |

In Clash of Clans gems are extremely important currency and proper management of gems is vital skill that you should master if you want to be successful in Clash of Clans. In fact gems are the premium currency in the game that everything else is subordinate to them. You will need gems to upgrade your structures and units. Understanding and managing your resources is more important than having awesome strategy. In this short article we will try to cover basic info that can help you to earn and save more Gems with clash of clans cheats app!

If you have enough gems you can buy some special items that cannot be obtained on any other way like the Pirate Flag or Mighty Statue. You can use Gems also to buy other Resources such as Gold, Elixir or Dark Elixir. Therefore your gem management is essential skill in the game, that may create a difference between victory and defeat. With gems you can speed up the production of your troops or upgrade of your collectors. Another interesting feature is that heroes can be recovered by gems. There are certain ways in the game how you can collect gems. One of the easiest way is to clear your village with your builders and you will receive small amount of gems. You can the repeat this action every eight hours.

You will also get gems for completing different accomplishments within the game. When you complete different challenges you will be rewarded with certain amount of gems. For example, if you gain 3200 trophies you will get 2000 gems. As we mentioned, slower but practically indefinite way of obtaining gems is by cleaning obstacles. Obstacles will give you experience and up to six gems. If you’re fortunate enough you will find gem box, a special obstacle that will give you 25 gems. Gem box is quite rare, so expect to find one per week. If you are in a good clan you can receive a lot of gems.

Every 15 days top clans will 20,000 gems for best clan, 10,000 gems for second and 6000 gems for third place. When you start with a game a good strategy is not to waste your precious gems on tutorial upgrades. Save those Gems for later, because they will worth much more. As you can see gems management is extremely important skill in Clash of Clans. We are hoping that you will apply our advices and that your bag will be filled with precious gems.