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Latest marketing improvements on Instagram

Posted by on Mar 6, 2016 in Instagram |

002This year will be major marketing improvement year for Instagram as there were four separate announcements that give added marketing features that should help organize and make the most of your strategies.

Multiple Instagram accounts and free instagram followers – The first announcement was the addition of multiple Instagram account support for mobile applications. Users can add up to five Instagram accounts and easily switch between them without having to connect and disconnect. The update is included in the 7.15 version for iOS and Android, both of which can be found in their respective application stores. This should prove extremely useful for social media managers for obvious reasons.Therefore it is important to connect private facebook and instagram to create real synergy.

Longer videos on Instagram – The second announcement is the importance of launching 60-second video ads, which are available to all marketers. Instagram recognized that advertisers have a variety of creative resources and want to bring more choices to help them achieve their business objectives; it now allows brands to amplify campaigns and build anticipation heading into key moments in time. Longer videos will mean more followers, and it raises question – will it affect Youtube?001

Longer Instagram campaigns! – You can now hold campaigns to 90 days in length to both Facebook and Instagram. This means that marketers can conduct campaigns over a longer period of time. It was a popular demand for the company, so many traders will benefit. The company urged marketing partners to update their interfaces to support the new length of the campaign and advertisers looking to book longer campaigns. The function does not come with any changes to the API.

004Instagram Video View Counts – Finally, Instagram announced that it is now test video view account, which it plans to deploy to all users in the coming weeks. This will also extend to ads. This is a requested feature for a long time in our views of the community and video help share the depth of commitment videos receive. The figures will appear below the video. It is considered a view when the user was seen for at least three seconds. According to Facebook up to 67% of the value in a video campaign comes in the first four seconds. Although it does not seem to be true that Instagram is more of a pay-to-play scenario, and the commitment was on the decline, it still has the report the highest engagement between brands. All these things will help you to make further improvements on Instagram, we are hoping that new things will keep coming!

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Syndicate Assassin’s Creed – Christmas Edition

Posted by on Dec 1, 2015 in Ps4 Games |

For the eleventh episode of the series, The developers of Ubisoft Quebec take us to London in full Victorian era, replacing the traditional assassin by twins. Jacob and Evie. For Christmas 2015, Ubisoft will attempt to increase its presence in the hood of Santa Claus. And to do that, the French publisher offers new update on to its flagship franchise: Assassin’s Creed!

Within a month of the release of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Ubisoft invited us again this time to take the game in hand, via a highly advanced version of the game, very close to the final result that we will get in December. With recently deceased father, Jacob and Evie Frye decided to leave their native English countryside and headed for the capital. Unfortunately, the city is in the hands of the Templars and you will have to make multiple missions to destabilize the government in power, waving the crowd and provoking an insurrection in good standing. Once past the introductory sequence and the first tutorial missions behind us, it finally enters the game! As usual, the Templars were in possession of certain fragments of Eden that you absolutely must recover. Luckily for you, you are not alone because you get to know the assassin who was appointed guardian of the city, namely an Indian accent Delhi by the name of Henry Greene and who will guide you in the beginning, before becoming one of your associates.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate introduces allies, you can give them a bunch of services, make a lot of missions for the Bank, , facilitating certain passages or stepping in to save the day. This system is practical enough without being too intrusive, since if you are a hardcore player, you can always leave your friend aside and get by alone when you rub the Templars. This combined system is also not limited to Henry Greene, since other people will join you. You will meet and a fan of police who will ask you to bring some dangerous criminals. Once the convicts are delivered to your friend, the latter in return he will take care to ensure that you are safe. Finally, the last allies are orphans of the city that you will unite in a very efficient spy network. Again, the information will not be free, and in return you will grow up toddlers free forces forced to work in nasty factories. This Christmas, we can’t wait for newest Assassin’s Creed – Syndicate!

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Clash of Clans Top Secret guide

Posted by on Jun 20, 2015 in Gaming |

Hi! You are looking for hints, tips and tricks how to improve your Clash of Clans gameplay? Look no further! We will tell you top secret Clash of Clans tips that will push you to top tier players and boost your gameplay! Ok, so, let’s start!

When you are attacked by raid party you should get back as soon as possible because your defencess are down. Right? So take advantage of Revenge function so you can attack those who destroyed your base! Sweet taste of Revenge! Let them suffer! This option works very well because you can look at oponents base before you attack it! That is great1 So, observe, prepare your army and strategy and attack1 They will never again try to attack you after you destroy their pitifull base! Revenge rules! But it is not all1 Try to remember layout of the base, where is Town Hall, storages, or simply take screenshoot! Now you can lead raid and completely annihilate their base.

Ok, now let us spice this guide with a secret number two. It is sparkling, it is bright, it is lightening Spell! Yeah! You should master the usage of Lightening Spell in the game and you will be much more efficient. Lightening Spell is simply awesome! It can be used on many different ways. You can take defenses and Towers down or attack and destroy lighter units on the field. Lightening Spell is specifically efficient in taking down Mortar. So, if you do not use Lightening Spell in your strategy try to implement this useful Spell in your everyday practice and you will be surprised how effective it can be. Upgrade Lighting Spell as soon as you can and you will get deadly weapon! Level 4 Lighting Spell can easily take down Archer Towers, Cannons and Mortars.

Tip number three is super effective Town Hall protection. You can easily protect your Town Hall with traps! Traps and Hidden Tesla can protect your base if you know where to place them. You can lure units with your base design and then destroy them with bombs. You can leave your Town Hall alone, but surround it with traps! You will be surprised how effective that can be! Surely, your opponent will be surprised! Here is another Top Secret – clash of clans hack! Ok, rookie, now you should remember those super effective Clash of Clans strategies and go on battlefield to practice!

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To emulate or not, that is the question

Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in Gaming |

Emulators are extremely popular nowadays turning your PC into a console. A videogame emulator is actually a software that turns your computer to act like some other piece of hardware. Using such programs or emulators allows players to run games from absolutely different systems without buying original console.

However, there is also a question of copyright issues and legitimately of using such software. It seems that emulators are legal to be used because of outdated copyrights. Emulators actually re-create some other system and act as original one. They can be used for playing games, but also they can be used to certain modifications or even translations. Very popular use of emulators nowadays, specially by farms is that they are creating new games for old consoles by using advanced emulator systems.All this emulator story started in 1997 when a company called Bloodlust Software released the first videogame emulator. It was a replica of the original Nintendo under the name NESticle. The software instantly became a hit and soon after that new emulators emerged like Genecyst. Nowadays you can download emulator or over the Net, and almost every console has its emulator. Nowadays it is completely possible to emulate Super Nintendo, Atari, Sega Genesis or almost any other console on your computer. Most emulators are actually created by specific system known as reverse engineering.


From legal rights it is absolutely safe to use emulators. From other side there is a certain controversy about using video games or or ROMs. They are protected under copyright laws. So, that is very interesting situation, it is perfectly legal to own a videogame emulator, but it is not legal to own any games for such emulator. Many emulator sites are posting a warning that it is legal to use emulator only for your own games, but such warnings are usually neglected by players. Nowadays, gaming companies are trying to stop spreading of emulations using legal ways, but without too many results. They are trying to put pressure on government to take down websites that are providing games/ROMS. Some of the manufacturers started to integrate emulators within actual console, like Nintendo Wii that has integrated emulator that’s allows users to buy and use many classic console games. Retro gaming or old-school gaming is a trendy phenomenon and you can find a lot of YouTube channels completely dedicated to retro gaming.


If you are such game a than it is mandatory to play on some good emulator. In order to play a game on emulate the you will need a ROM, that is a file extension for games made for consoles. More advanced consoles use different kind of files called ISO, like xbox 360 emulator files, Playstation 4 and the more recent consoles. Once again we are mentioning that using emulator is completely legal, but using games that you didn’t pay for is completely different issue, that is still in so called gray zone.Emulators are becoming more and more popular. In this short article we tried to present you a story that is hidden below the surface.

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Did you ever played with Valkyrie?

Posted by on May 23, 2015 in Gaming |

There certain types of units that are very common in Clash of Clans like Archers, Golems and Barbarians. From other side there are some units like Valkyrie that you can only see in some weird strategies! Is it so? Is this unit useful? Is there some hidden agenda behind Valkyrie? Can you use this unit efficiently with clash of clans cheats tool within the game? Let’s find out!

Let’s start with basic statistics. Valkyrie is expensive unit, we must admit. You will need to wait 15 min. to produce just one girl and that pleasure will cost you 8 units. Valkyrie are cost units, but…They are fast, their movement speed is 24 and they can target ground units with splash damage. They do not have any preferred target, they will attack anything that is within their range. The most important ability of Valkyrie is the speed. She’s much faster than barbarians with impressive 24 tiles against barbarian’s 16 tiles. She has huge health, but low damage. That is a problem! She’s the only melee unit that deals splash damage and that this a perfect for taking out Clan Castle units or for fast and effective destruction of Walls, as she can take out several walls with just one swing. The primary problem to using the Valkyrie is its huge training time and cost and upgrade cost for the Valkyrie is also very high There are certain strategies that you may apply and improve Valkyries in battles even they are not commonly used Farming or Trophy Pushing. You will need to combine them with other units and then Valkyries can be very useful!

Deploy several Valkyries and let them take Walls and few Towers. Then deploy other units that will use created “hole” in the defense. Valkyrie can be great unit to deal with Clan Castle units, because she deals splash damage. Only problem is that she can target only ground units, so Dragons can be a huge problem.

From other side, Valkyrie is above all effective as Clan Castle unit. Only disadvantage of using Valkyries in the Clan Castle is the fact that Valkyries cannot target air units like Dragons. You can make adjustments by placing strong air based unit together with Valkyrie in clan Castle. A good combination is to use one Valkyrie and one Dragon.
This was our short article about Valkyrie in Clash of Clans. She is not super effective unit in the game, but you must admit, in some weird way she is hot!

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My Instagram Tips

Posted by on May 10, 2015 in Instagram |

I must admit, I am using Instagram for more than three years in my personal presentation, but also for very successful online business. At the beginning of my Instagram carrier, I made a lot of mistakes, very often learned from them until I figured it out what you should do know that to be as successful as you can be on Instagram. Therefore, I want to share my experience with you, openly share my thoughts, so you can benefit by getting  free instagram likes on one way or another.

I started my Instagram carier by shooting portraits. That is not so common for a beginner to start with such complex photography, and I made a lot of mistakes in my journey. In fact, most of the users are beginning with landscape photography or still images. I started with portraits with desire to create some wonderful reflections of different personalities and I may say that I succeed in that. The most important thing to create such successful photography is to pay special attention to light. You should find a very soft and tender light that can reflect the emotions that are present on the face of your model. If you are more about landscape photography, light and shadows are also the most crucial aspects of successful photography. Take your shots in the early morning, or at sunset when the light is very soft and ideal for making photographs. Another tip that I want to share with you is that you should take care about details. I made a lot off good and quality photos that was ruined with some small mistakes, so paying attention to details is very important.

For example, on how many images on Instagram you noticed a tree that is growing from the head, or birds that are flying in eye? Pay attention to such details and you will have a much better images in your portfolio. Third tip that I may give you is to learn and muster some photo editing software. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Adobe Photoshop or Gimp, or some other software, the most important thing is that you should learn how to edit your images.

You should learn everything about white balance, contrast, color correction etc. that will improve the quality of your images and give you the freedom to correct mistakes. You can learn to use photo editing software only by practice, so do not fear to make mistakes in this process. Those were my Instagram jjjtips, and I am hoping that they will help you to use the Instagram more efficiently.

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Bastion PS4 game review

Posted by on Apr 23, 2015 in Gaming |

There are many cataclysmic games nowadays, and here is the game in which you will need to create a safe place in very chaotic world. You will travel into the wild, searching for survivors and supplies, trying to stay alive and help others to survive the dangerous of this dangerous place. You will fight very strange beasts and forge customizable weapons and gain new powers from different parts. The entire gameplay is very dynamic, filled with real time action. Bastion is a proof that a small team of creative individuals can create excellent game with limited resources. If you’re looking for an action-RPG similar to Diablo,you may try psn code generator 2015 and enter the world of Bastion within a seconds.

It is original role play game placed in imaginative world where you must create last refuge for civilization. Bastion gives hyper-detailed 2D graphics packed within excellent story. There is a lot content to be discovered within the game and that create fully customizable experience that wi9ll keep you engaged during entire game. The story is quite interesting, while you were sleeping , the world comes to the end. Some rare survivors are trying to stay alive and organize themselves. You will play a character named The Kid, a survivor that is trying to make a better world. In your wanderings in this strange world you will encounter many different enemies and the combat will require your total alertness and understanding which target you should strike first.

There is always a danger of folding over the edge, that may result in losing some of your health. The survive, you will need to act quickly and rely on many different weapons that you will find along your journey. You can bring you weapons at the time and use one secret technique. You will on new compounds and weapons that may be useful in some specific situations. Weapons can be upgraded as well five levels of upgrade.

That gives a little bit of flexibility within the game and of freedom to make your own choices. You will gain experience and unlocked your levels, that will give you additional slots to equip different tonics that will improve your statistics and allow you to carry more items or increase attack rate. The Bastion is extremely nice game with hand painted scenes, vivid with. It is unique adventure that can challenge you in many ways. We recommend this game to any PS4 adventures.

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